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Personal Finance Tool

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Take Control of Your Finances the Easy Way

The Personal Finance Tool helps you easily and securely view all of your accounts, from multiple institutions, in one place. You can track spending, create budgets, pay off debts efficiently, monitor your net worth, get notified when you overspend and more.

Personal Finance Tool

Spending: The Spending tab provides a graph of all expenses for a 30-day period.

Budget: Auto-generate a budget based on your monthly spending or create your own based on your spending goals.

Trends: See your spending habits across multiple categories and months.

Cash Flow: See all of your income and expenses on any given day, including future predictions. This helps you plan for recurring bills, deposits and any upcoming purchases.

Net Worth: Keep track of your assets and liabilities across linked accounts.

Debts: Auto-calculate payoff dates for any debts you have associated with linked accounts.

Get Started

1. To enroll in this tool, click the "Get Started" button under the Financial Tool section on the mobile and online banking homepage.

2. Accept the Terms and Agreements. It may take a few moments for the system to process.

3. Link any external accounts you may have by selecting "Link Your Accounts." Find a financial institution using the search box or manually adding an account. This will help you track the value of your assets and debts to see your full financial picture.

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