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Premier and Citizens

Updated on October 21, 2021

Welcome Premier Bank and Citizens Deposit Bank clients officially to Peoples Bank!

On this page, you will find information regarding online banking and funds availability. You can also view Peoples Bank locations, phone numbers and hours of operation. 

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Online Banking Information

  • Log in to Online Banking with your existing username and password (or new login information if provided). 
  • Your user ID has been converted to all lower case. Please ensure you enter your user id on the login screen with only lower case characters.
  • If you receive a message for invalid user ID or password after your initial login attempt, please validate you entered all lower case characters for your user ID. If you think you entered your user ID successfully, please use the self-service password reset option. 
  • Online banking has one year's worth of e-statements, where you can view transactions. Learn how to enroll in Peoples Bank e-statements here.
  • The first time that you transfer money between Peoples Bank accounts must be done via online banking (a desktop or laptop computer OR via web browser on a mobile device). 
  • If you have a Premier Bank or Citizens Deposit Bank Debit Card, it will not display in the Peoples Bank mobile application. Once you are reissued a Peoples Bank Debit Card, it will display in the app. If you would like to request a Peoples Bank Debit Card directly, please call our Customer Care Center at 800.374.6123, or visit your local Peoples Bank branch location.

Business Online Banking Information

  • At Peoples Bank, we have a separate Online Banking and mobile apps for personal and business accounts.
  • Clients who have business accounts have been mailed company IDs that are required for Business Online Banking sign in. If you still need your company ID, please contact Customer Care at 800.374.6123 or contact your local branch.
  • The following accounts are on the Business Online and Mobile Banking system: Business Accounts with a TIN, Business Loans, Rep Payee Accounts, Fiduciary Accounts, Trust Accounts, and Guardian Accounts.
  • Online banking has one year's worth of e-statements, where you can view transactions.

Funds Availabilty & Fee Schedule 

  • Click here for the quick guide to funds availability at Peoples Bank.
  • Click here for the full funds availability policy of Peoples Bank.
  • Click here for the fee schedule at Peoples Bank.
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